Devin's Gift

A care package to make a hard time a little easier.

The Mission of Devin's Gift

At this point in my life since the loss of Devin, it is still so hard to go near or into a hospital or clinic setting because of memories of Devin and what he went through. But I want to give back because of all the love and support my family received from others.

I know as a parent with a suddenly ill child it's the worst feeling in the world. The helplessness alone is tormenting. And then, to be admitted to the hospital when you least expect it is overwhelming. You are stuck there without the basic necessities. Your mind is focused on your child whose side you don't want to leave. You have no toothbrush, no decent towel.

We are hoping these little "creature comforts" will renew them and their strength and courage before taking their child's side again.

We want to bring a little peace in the middle of chaos because I know what it feels like and if we can make someone feel better, even for a moment, our job is done. We do this for Devin to remember him for his life and not his disease and death.

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