About Devin

Devin was born on January 22, 2008 in Rockford, Illinois. It was a cold winter day. We returned to Arizona when Devin was two months old. When Devin was born he was diagnosed with bilateral hydronephrosis. This basically meant that his kidneys were distended. No big deal right? Right! He was put on antibiotics for the first year of his life. He wouldn't need surgery. Thank goodness and in January 2009 a few days after his 1st birthday he received a clean bill of health.

It didn't last for long though. Just 3 months later, Devin became suddenly seriously ill. It took a week to figure out what was wrong. A week in the scheme of things is not a long time, unless you're a parent with a 15 month old child in an ICU bed who is intubated with a chest tube and you don't know what's wrong.

The diagnosis was Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Cancer…a devastating word no parent wants to hear. 86% chance of survival. Good odds don't you think? Two years of chemotherapy. Nine months of which was intensive. We could handle it. Well, we didn't finish the protocol before Devin's cancer reared its ugly head again in August 2010. This time it meant a new chemotherapy regime. He would now need a bone marrow transplant. And now Devin's chance of survival was greatly reduced; worst case scenario he would have two years left to live. We spent two months in the hospital. After he got out, he was still in and out of the hospital for chemotherapy and complications. The plan was a transplant in December 2010. We had just enough time for a family Christmas just after Thanksgiving and to do other family activities including a family portrait.

Devin was admitted for his transplant on December 14, 2010. (It happened to be my birthday). He got his stem cells on December 24th. He sailed through transplant. He had no major complications from the process. However, during this time we learned he was not in complete remission from his cancer, which was hoped. The doctor said it wouldn't change how the transplant process would be done. The hope was that the process would eliminate any cancer cells present. It would, however, reduce his odds. The odds of which doctors don't like to give. You just keep going, hoping and praying.

Devin got out of the hospital just after his third birthday. We were not out of the hospital two weeks when we learned the cancer came back. Devastation. There was nothing else to do. He died February 24, 2011 exactly two months after he received his bone marrow transplant.

Devin spent half of his life living and fighting cancer. During that time, he never complained. He never had a tantrum. He was always smiling and happy seeming to make the most out of everything. What two year old do you know would be content sitting in a hospital bed all day every day for weeks, months on end? He was okay as long as he had his favorite blanket and DVD movies. He was the bravest person I know. I miss him so profoundly.

Devin's favorite things were:
Twirling his fingers through mom or dad's hair
Pushing trucks
Riding his big wheel
Apple juice
Breakfast sausage
Wallace & Gromit
Playing with his brother
Dancing to music
Devin and family
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